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low weed number

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The results of the experiments have given Jeff the confidence to realise that he does have a viable, cost-effective alternative knockdown herbicide to glyphosate... Double knockdown (T 2.2b, page 128) Weather permitting, a double knockdown is implemented on resistant ryegrass paddocks prior to sowing using two non-selective herbicides (glyphosate followed by paraquat + diquat or paraquat, the choice being dependent upon the range of weeds present)... Helpful advice The Grays still enjoy the challenges and can see that they have made enough progress to feel they are being successful in managing a serious annual ryegrass problem...
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Double knocking barnyard grass to manage Glyphosate resistance.. "high risk" paddocks need to be targeted first... Current research shows that using the double knock on glyphosate resistant BYG 5 days between the glyphosate and bipyridil applications gives high levels of control...
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