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Many cultivars are now more susceptible than before with several cultivars (including Axe, Beaufort, Corack, Derrimut, Mace, AQP Revenue, and Wallup) two or more rating levels more susceptible... Disease It is important that growers understand the resistance/susceptibility of their varieties to the diseases of importance in their region and plan management strategies ... Exceptional dry conditions from July onwards and the hot winds of September and October and were MORE INFORMATION not harvested...
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The availability of herbicide tolerant lentil varieties (XT) reduces the risks of production in this crop... In some cases pod set of beans was poor early on due to the cooler temperatures and overcast conditions during early flowering, and in some crops of chickpeas a number of empty pods were observed because temperatures failed to reach critical levels for seed set... Similarly in lentils, ascochyta blight was observed in crops relatively early and reduced grain yield and quality in the more susceptible varieties, like PBA Flash , where it was not adequately controlled...
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