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background crown rot

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Two durum and 10 bread wheat varieties were evaluated in the presence of added or no added crown inoculum across 11 field sites in 2013... Where no additional CR was added EGA Gregory had similar yield to other varieties at sites with low background levels of crown rot but was between -0.52 t/ha (Suntop ) to -0.37 t/ha (Sunguard ) lower yielding at sites with medium-high background levels of crown rot... Some newer wheat varieties have a measurable improvement in their tolerance to crown rot but these current levels are not a complete solution to crown rot...
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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The background elite varieties to be used were selected by the wheat breeding companies and represent most of the bread wheat growing regions of Australia... The project has two components; one based in the University of Sydney will focus on wheats adapted to the Northern Region and will use a strategy of Marker Assisted Recurrent Selection (MARS)... The second component based in SARDI will focus on wheats adapted to southern and western Australia, will also use molecular markers but will focus on more conventional crossing strategies...
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