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irrigation treatment

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
" Date: 24.09.2010 IMPROVING PROFITABILITY OF IRRIGATED SORGHUM THROUGH PARTIAL IRRIGATION OF LARGER AREAS.. Two main management strategies were used by growers in the 2007/08 season: (1) full irrigation, involving two irrigations, one prior to anthesis, and another at or soon after anthesis, and (2) partial irrigation, usually consisting of a single irrigation of greater than 1 ML/ha, timed to coincide with flowering... The broad objective of this research was to assess different irrigation strategies for irrigated sorghum on the heavy clay soils of the eastern Darling Downs...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
For dry sowing, the maximum allowable rainfall was estimated at about 5 mm for sandy, 8 mm for loamy and 10 mm for clayey textured soils, failing which a day or two after the rain (depending evaporation rate) should be allowed before dry seeding... We used two years data, a literature review and common knowledge on soil-plant water relations to estimate the maximum allowable and minimum required rainfall in order to successfully avail a dry or a wet sowing opportunity, respectively... Seedling mortality per day was calculated as percentage of the maximum emerged counts...
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