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Glyphosate resistance survey finds SA growers at risk.. The random survey, conducted by the University of Adelaide and funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), has shown it is time for farmers to make significant changes to weed management to halt this problem... "We knew there was some glyphosate resistance in the area from previous work," stated Associate Professor Chris Preston of the University of Adelaide and project leader, "but this surprised all of us and has set the alarm bells ringing to bring in changes to weed management...
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Approximately 20% of the random survey samples were found to have some resistance to Wildcat, 10% to Topik and 4% to Mataven... There are populations of wild oats that have resistance to all the three modes of actions with selective post-emergence activity... In summary, GR ARG distribution in Australia is best summarised in Table 3...
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