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saline sodic soil

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Managing subsoil constraints - crop and varietal tolerance, rotations, fallow management, crop responses schwenke2_2.. Results from a species and varieties trial on an unconstrained soil in northwest NSW in 2004 (Table 2) also showed species differences in soil water use, but no differences between the varieties chosen for the study even though there were some differences in observed rooting depth and grain yields... Table 4: Species and variety responses at a constrained site in northwest NSW. Variety differences within a species are shown by the letter after the result; those with the same letter following were not significantly different...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (North)
(QDPI & F) Graeme Schwenke Nutrient demands in high yield crops (NSW DPI) 12:42 PM Lunch 1:42 PM Concurrent session 1 (see next page for timetable) 3:12 PM Afternoon tea 3:42 PM Yield and quality losses due to crown rot in Steve barley and wheat... Overall, the higher P rate also led to increased dry matter at the plant cut stage (mid-late tillering) and at the 3 times of NDVI measurement... Overall, mustard and juncea canola have many advantages over canola, and would be better suited than canola to the drier western parts of northern NSW...
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