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higher soil water content

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The aim of the study was to determine how mouldboard ploughing (soil inversion), rotary spading and banded wetting agent affect the availability of soil nutrients... Soil moisture and pH were measured on a 5 x 5 cm grid and root maps were taken by marking each root intersection with the pit face on a transparent film... Our results from the first year of the study show that the method used to manage soil water repellence had little impact on soil nutrient supply with the exception of phosphorus...
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On-row sowing may significantly benefit crop emergence during drier seeding conditions, although yield benefits have not been measured in Western Australian field trials... Canola emergence from on-row sowing, left, compared with inter-row sowing, right, during a previous season on the farm of Steve Waters, Calingiri, pictured centre with staff from CSIRO Agriculture... On-row sowing is when crops are sown immediately alongside or within the previous crop row, compared with inter-row sowing in which crops are sown in between the old crop rows...
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