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increased wind speed

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The benefits offered to agriculture with the renewable energy in Australia... The unit is estimated to produce around 210,000 KWh of electricity per year and with no anticipated environmental effects as this type of generator is claimed to be "fish friendly" allowing for migration of fish both up and down the Archimedes screw action... " The easiest way to show this is by the following simple graph that demonstrates that this increase in wind speed creates an exponential increase in energy...
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Use the coarsest spray quality that will provide efficacy... spray during favourable weather conditions Wind speed is critical Air movement is needed to ensure that mixing occurs in the air... A Canadian study, conducted by Dr Thomas Wolf of the Saskatoon research Centre, showed that high travel speeds combined with higher wind speeds (20km/h) almost doubled the amount of chemical left in the air when compared to low travel speeds (8km/h)...
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