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opening rain

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" GRDC Crop Updates 23-24 February 2011, Western Region, Perth WA, Michael Robertson 17 September 2013 Michael Robertson, CSIRO, talks about Pros & cons of dry seeding to counter variable seasonal breaks... In many regions of the wheatbelt the timing of opening rains has become more variable and the number of days available for seeding has declined, putting pressure on the seeding operation and lending to more interest in drying cereals... Growers differ in approach to dry seeding, from a planned approach with set percentage of the program to be dry sown, through to an aggressive approach where a large percentage of the program could be dry sown if opening rains are late...
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Murray Leach uses a WA-made DE three-barrel rotary seed cleaner for removing ryegrass from wheat... Looking ahead, Murray says his five-to-10 year plan is to build resistance in their cropping program and reduce the amount of frost risk they take each year... "Our longer-term aim is to have a viable farm business to pass on to our son Peter and his wife Megan," Murray says...
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