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dominant barley variety

Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Buloke maintained its popularity in 2012, with a large increase in the popularity of Hindmarsh and a large decrease in the popularity of Baudin and Vlamingh... Hindmarsh is a very good variety and is the best alternative to malting varieties in environments where the yield potential is below 2.5 t/ha and/or there is a low expectation of delivering malt grade barley... Overall, the big winner was Hindmarsh, increasing in acreage by nearly 120,000 ha in 2012 and pipping both Gairdner and Vlamingh in total acreage...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
While pleased with a yield of seven tonnes per hectare from his Gairdner barley, Tasmanian grower Rob Terry will change to Westminster in 2014 for its higher yield potential... Westminster is set to replace Gairdner as the dominant barley variety grown in Tasmania with the state's two major breweries, Cascade Brewery and Boag's Brewery, endorsing it for malting last year... Gairdner was released in 1998 and has long been the only malting variety these breweries would accept, although Barley Australia has given malting status to other varieties suited to Tasmania...
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