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winter cereal stubble

Catalogue: Ground Cover
Crown rot remains a threat under irrigation.. Cotton growers moving into irrigated grain production are being warned to manage the damaging cereal disease crown rot, which can cause major yield losses when moisture stress occurs during grain fill... Losses to crown rot can be dramatically reduced in irrigated crops by a range of management options and carefully considering the scheduling of water to limit moisture stress during grain fill."..
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Over the three survey years this allowed 307 comparisons of Fusarium DNA levels assessed at sowing using PreDicta B with the actual incidence of infection that developed by harvest as determined from laboratory plating (Table 1)... The predicted risk of crown rot development at sowing using PreDicta B was within one category of the actual level of infection measured after harvest in 121 paddocks (39%, light grey shading)... In other regions a shallower sampling depth (0-10 cm or 0-15 cm) is recommended with PreDicta B. In 2013 we aimed to determine if this deeper sampling depth in the northern region, to account for RLN populations deeper in the soil profile, is potentially compromising the accuracy of PreDicta B to measure levels of other soil-borne pathogens including Fusarium ...
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