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harvest maturity

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
A new helicoverpa threshold model replaces the old nominal (fixed) threshold of 1 larvae/m2 for flowering/podding mungbeans ... Until further data is available, the new threshold model applies to all crop stages from budding to late podfill... Helicoverpa damage was assessed at the end of each infestation and also at harvest...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
After a decade of GRDC supported research, progress is being made in understanding the causes of grain quality defects - pre-harvest sprouting, late-maturity alpha-amylase and black point - that regularly take the gloss off an otherwise profitable crop... Pre-harvest sprouting, late-maturity alpha-amylase and black point are grain quality defects controlled by independent genes, triggered by different weather conditions... Grain from the wheat grown in the screening program is collected and germination tested to establish the level of dormancy...
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