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storage temperature

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" GCTV Stored Grain: Sunflower Cooling 11 March 2014 Specialist Grain Storage agronomist Philip Burrill commenting on aeration cooling of sunflower seed in on-farm storage... Many cases we end up with no storage pests 33.64: by reducing that grain temperature... 92.899: And lastly the venting on top of the silo, we are looking to prevent obviously rain or 98.229: storms from bringing moisture into the storage and at the same time not restrict that airflow 104.2: coming out through that aeration cooling...
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Samples of Stirling, Sloop and Gairdner stored for extended periods at a range of moisture content and temperatures produced varying effects on germination rates, kernel colour, enzyme balance and malting quality, according to Dr Rainer Reuss, a member of the Stored Grain Research Laboratory team... Mr Roberts says that having the storage and facilities to hold and dry grain gives them more control over the harvest schedule, maximises harvest efficiency and enables them to harvest earlier... "The domestic feed grain market becomes less discerning after harvest, but having our own on-farm storage means we can hold grain for extended periods until the price is right," Mr Roberts says...
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