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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Increased capture and use of deep subsoil water We observed that subsoil manuring enabled the crop roots to extract more deep soil water from the subsoil layers in dry years... We believe that the improved ability of the canola crop on subsoil-manured plots to establish, and then withstand the heavy winter rainfall at the Penshurst site in 2010 (Table 3), compared with the commercial crop, resulted from better aeration in the subsoil... There was no need for the crop to extract water from the subsoil, as there was ample soil water in the topsoil...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Subsoil manuring drives up HRZ profits.. Pros: crop yields are increased; rainfall capture and use can be improved; effects are long-lasting - four years or sometimes more; and savings can be made on nitrogen fertiliser... Yield increases in the trial ranged from 2 to 5t/ha in wheat and 1 to 2t/ha in canola, at the full manure application rate and where a successful crop was established (see Table 1 )...
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