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commercial hybrid seed

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Higher grain yields were achieved and infection levels of blackleg reduced when commercial hybrid seed was used... Yeruga Crop Research's Trent Potter says the aim was to measure the effect of retaining hybrid sowing seed on plant vigour, internal blackleg infection, oil content and grain yield, compared with the original commercial hybrid bought from a seed supplier... Hybrid seed assessed included Conventional (Hyola 50 at all sites and Taurus at Bool Lagoon), Clearfield (45Y77, 45Y82, 46Y83 and Hyola 575CL) and triazine-tolerant (CB Tumby HT and CB Jardee HT)...
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Average yield loss of canola grown from retained hybrid seed varied from site to site, but ranged from 7 to 17 per cent when compared to the commercial hybrid sowing seed... The research showed a reduction in blackleg resistance in the retained hybrid seed but variable grain yield responses... While grain yield of CB@" Tumby HT was not significantly affected by using retained seed or mixtures compared to the commercial sowing seed, the grain yield of the mixture was similar to that of the commercial hybrid for Pioneer 45Y82, with and without Jockey , and Hyola 50 with Jockey (Table 6)...
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