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soil phosphorus level

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Early availability to phosphorus is crucial, phosphorus deficiency limits wheat grain yield principally by depressing early growth, leaf emergence rate and maximum rate of tiller emergence (Rodriguez et al. 1999).. Better placement of phosphorus has the potential to increase phosphorus use efficiency in cropping systems on all soil types... Table 1 notes: Mn, Cu, Zn and B are measured in g/tonne (*)...
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a Stored moisture measured at sowing via five grainmetric soil cores Switching to alternatives to conventional fertilisers such as monoammonium phosphate (MAP) to correct phosphorus deficiency is unlikely to deliver any hoped-for savings, according to recent research by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI)... The benefits of liquid versus granular phosphorus fertilisers had not been adequately assessed in central NSW on such soils prior to this research... Mr McMaster says the potential of a soil to lock up phosphorus is estimated by the PBI, a test used with standard soil analysis...
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