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Recent ecology research findings which involved trapping flying storage pests across grain growing regions reinforced the value of cleaning up grain residues in storages & equipment.. Examples include: the ability to have fans automatically step through the 3 important stages of aeration cooling - "continuous", "purge", "protected"; an additional auto function that now excludes high humidity air (>85% RH) in all three of these stages; a setting that can be included that adjusts fan operations to cater for fans fitted to silos with air flow rates higher then the standard 2 - 3 L/s/t flow rates... Field tests on farm storages have shown some fans are not delivering required air flow rates...
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The spear is pushed horizontally through a small hole in the membrane into the grain at about chest height... One of Australia's leading grain-storage specialists says silo bags infested with weevils can be successfully and safely fumigated with phosphine using a three-step process... Working with DEEDI's Dr Andrew Ridley and Queensland grain growers Chris and Roland Cook on a Cooperative Research Centre for National Plant Biosecurity (CRC NPB) research project, Mr Burrill found effective fumigation is achieved by: ensuring the silo bag is well sealed; applying the correct dose of phosphine spaced along the bag; and venting the gas safely...
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