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precision management

Catalogue: Ground Cover
Dr Masakazu Kodaira, from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, with results from the on-the-go soil sampler that uses near-infrared reflectance to measure 19 soil parameters including key macro and micronutrients... Dr Chunjiang Zhao, director of the National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture, reported that the annual investment in China in precision agriculture research is about US$66 million (A$70 million)... Technology to provide traceability through the food chain as well as non-destructive sensors to measure product quality before going to market were areas of interest presented by Dr Sakae Shibusawa, professor of agriculture and technology at Tokyo University...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Part of the project aims to characterise, assess, and simulate the suitability of current genetics for earlier sowing in Australian farming systems across a range of environments using crop management tools such as APSIM... The PhD project aims to identify how molecular changes within the mitochondria allow plants to continue growth at a range of temperatures... Education and research are critical in developing the 'science push' for sorghum as a health promoting food - this knowledge needs to be interpreted and disseminated to the Australian grains industry (farmers, producers), food products developers, marketers and key government organisations y t i c a p a C & s l l i k S g n i d l i u B ...
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