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0.969: Jane Drinkwater: Narrator The problem of Glyphosate resistant summer 3.04: grasses is becoming one of the most pressing issues that growers currently face... 8.509: Australia currently has three species of summer grass confirmed as Glyphosate resistant - liverseed 14.059: grass, windmill grass and awnless barnyard grass... 17.279: Michael Widderick: Principal Research Scientist QDAFF Toowoomba 18.3: Recently there's been a survey conducted just on barnyard grass and it showed that out of 22.73: approximately 80 samples collected randomly across the region, sixty percent of those 27.839: were Glyphosate resistant...
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Detection technology maximises fallow control.. Tony Cooke, NSW DPI (Above) Weed detection technology like this WeedSeeker boomspray is said to allow growers to apply contact herbicides across just two per cent of their paddocks, saving considerably on herbicide use... "We should be aiming to annihilate small patches of weeds before they blow out and become a problem, and that's where weed detection technology hopefully will fit," he said...
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