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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The barley industry in eastern and southern Australia is now largely deregulated... While the situation continues it is likely that price sensitive markets such as parts of China may be prepared to purchase grain of lower malting quality... Figure 2: Retention values (% by weight retained above a 2.5 mm screen) for (a) Gairdner, (b) Baudin, (c) Buloke and (d) Flagship compared to Schooner in central and southern NSW, 2003-2006...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Short-coleoptile varieties such as Fitzroy , Hindmarsh and, to a lesser extent, Gairdner and Buloke should not be sown deeply, particularly if seed is small or fungicide-treated... At 112mm, there was a similar pattern, with Buloke , Gairdner , Fitzroy and Hindmarsh the poorest (40 per cent) and Fleet Australia the best (64 per cent)... Overall, the results emphasise the need to sow varieties that have short coleoptiles at shallow depths and to take care with seed grading and the use of seed dressings...
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