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dryland wheat

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" Over the Fence North: Weed & nutrient research delivers at Silverton 15 July 2014 Hosting on-farm research trials has ensured Theodore grain grower Peter Durkin is in the box seat to respond to the growing issues of nutrient depletion and herbicide resistance in Central Queensland... Mr Durkin runs "Silverton", a 5600-hectare cattle and cropping operation with his brothers, growing 2200ha dryland wheat, durum wheat, sorghum, corn, mungbeans and chickpeas on an annual rainfall of 675mm... Mr Durkin has been hosting research trials for more than 20 years at Silverton, including a series of deep-placement phosphorous trials currently underway through the Central Queensland Grower Solutions Group...
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Big decisions reshaping the cotton landscape.. Mr Crosby found that 12 tonnes a hectare of irrigated maize had the same gross margins as 10 bales/ha of cotton, and twice the area of maize compared with cotton could be watered using the same bore pumping capacity - meaning a lot more product per irrigation season... Cotton the profit choice, wheat the fall-back By Kellie Penfold Gross margin analysis shows cotton still easily returns the highest profit per megalitre, when water is not an issue A gross margin analysis of irrigated cotton compared with irrigated winter wheat based on the 2008 returns has found that, on a per megalitre basis, cotton is still more profitable...
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