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farmer capacity

Catalogue: GRDC Factsheets
Farmers often sacrifice personal income so money can stay in the farming business to fund working capital requirements... Since the expense item is not tax deductible and is not required by the accountant in order to complete the farm's tax assessment, this major expense is not necessarily recorded... Although debt free, this farm did not grow in the 30 years it was managed by his father...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
The GRDC and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) will invest almost $10 million in research, development and extension under a new Grain & Graze program, following the success of the original initiative which ended last year... The program's next phase aims to lift water-use efficiency (WUE) in mixed crop and livestock systems to increase whole-farm profitability and sustainability, while meeting regional catchment management targets... The former Grain & Graze program fostered strong networks between national and regional organisations, which helped mixed farmers develop strategies to spread risks associated with climate and market variability...
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