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alkaline calcareous soil

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A high proportion of phosphorus applied to these soils can remain inaccessible to crops... Phosphorus derived from the fluid form occupies a larger volume of soil surrounding the fertiliser, which increases the likelihood that roots will come into contact with the nutrient... Shoot response of wheat to fluid fertilisers (APP and H 3 PO 4 ) compared to granular fertiliser (Triple P) and a control growing on a Vertosol collected from Minyip in the Wimmera under glasshouse conditions...
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91.829: Narrator: Soil testing is the standard mechanism used 95.56: to determine phosphorus levels and in the southern region particularly the Wimmera and 100.649: Mallee, the Colwell - P test has been widely used... 117.369: Roger Armstrong: One of the hypotheses we had initially was 119.95: that crops were accessing sources of phosphorus in soil, potentially mineral maybe organic 127.729: phosphorus pools that the soil test was not detecting but the crop could access itself 132.97: and meant the crop was not responding to Phosphorus fertiliser applications... 147.31: Jane Drinkwater Recent research undertaken using P isotopes 151.78: indicates that DGT better reflect the P pool in soil accessed by wheat plants than other 157.94: commonly used soil tests such as Colwell...
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