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domestic demand

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US-based David Parker, vice-president of commodity service company Nidera, agreed, saying drought in the US and increased demand from China had underpinned sorghum prices in the first half of the year... In China, where the average annual income is now more than A$5000, Graydon Chong, senior grains and oilseeds analyst at Rabobank, said consumers were demanding higher-calorie fried foods, which was also lifting demand for oilseeds... "Legumes put back nitrogen into our systems and allow some of the investment we're making in nitrogen fertiliser to be diverted to other nutrients," he said. "..
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There is a strong case for single desk purchasing and marketing, as evidenced by experience in marketing malting and feed barley, and oilseeds (whole-of-industry) production... To meet the proposed renewable fuel market, some of the new demand will have to be supplied from current income-producing grain or sugar (ethanol) product... Australia will become a world leader in grain product differentiation...
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