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dominant weed species

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Having spent 10 years trying, and failing, to deliberately breed a "super weed" incorporating the herbicide-resistant traits of GM canola, Professor Stewart said there was a lot to be learned about the genes responsible for "weediness"... Speaking to more than 200 delegates at the 14th Australian Weeds Conference at Wagga in September, Professor Stewart said he was seeking $US12 million ($A17 million) to map the genome of a dominant weed species... "Our transgenic weed proved to be about as competitive as the canola crop and was less competitive than its unmodified wild turnip parent," Professor Stewart said...
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There is an urgent need for additional weed control options... The study has identified the potential opportunity to collect and remove seed of several weed species during the harvest of winter grown wheat and chickpea crops in the northern cropping region... Results from the weed seed samples currently being processed will provide information on just how much seed is being returned...
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