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protein value

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Australian chickpeas are steadily gaining a reputation for quality that differentiates them in the market... Irrespective of such price swings, pulse exporters say the demand for Australian pulses in Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Europe has only one way to trend over the longer term - upwards... But while Australia is seen to have excelled in its variety development, Mr Takieddine says a sharp watch also needs to be kept on other potential market influences such as tighter international regulation on use of pesticides and fertilisers...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Relationship between growth stage and accumulated uptake of nitrogen by a wheat crop, expressed as a percentage of the total uptake... Optimising N supply is difficult in western regions given the highly variable seasons. Excessive application of N may increase water use early in the growing season leading to greater water stress during flowering and grain fill, resulting in poor grain set or shrivelled grain... There was no significant effect of N rate on grain yield but the effect on protein was significant with protein increasing with rates of applied N. As for the sowing time trial, there was a negative correlation between grain yield and grain protein concentration, and Gregory did not differ from other varieties...
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