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nitrogen requirement

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" GCTV14: Nitrogen Deficiency 30 July 2014 Before applying Nitrogen fertiliser grain growers should decide if its yield or protein they want to maximise... 52.81: Narrator: But before growers apply nitrogen to their 55.47: crops there is key information they should consider... 90.51: Narrator: Nitrogen response late in the season is variable 93.53: and depends on getting enough rain to keep soil moist enough for the crop to take-up 98.38: the applied N. Which is why growers are urged to gathering 101.46: good information before applying nitrogen as the season progresses...
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Have a well thought out plan in regard to nitrogen application and amend it as the season unfolds... With the ability to measure starting soil moisture and nitrogen levels and a variety of ways in which we can apply nitrogen to a crop, planning for nitrogen input can start before a seed has hit the ground... A crop should be assessed for disease or other nutrient deficiencies prior to spreading additional nitrogen...
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By Charlie Walker, agronomist, Incitec Pivot Ltd In the past it may have been simple to consider only two options for nitrogen application - pre drill and forget about it, or wait until the crop is growing and see what it needs... A tactical nitrogen management program that accepts "one size does not fit all" may provide dividends... When there is little or no insulating barrier to aid this do not expect much nitrogen to mineralise...
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