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grower check cereal crop

Catalogue: Ground Cover
'frost window' start and end dates have been pushed back by between one and four weeks in many WA cropping areas... After a suspected frost, the Department of Agriculture and Food, WA (DAFWA), recommends growers check cereal crops for signs of damage to stems, florets and flowers (anthers) and collect a sample of heads to estimate the percentage of yield loss... Symptoms of frost damage in wheat include: florets - bleached, shrivelled or dwarfed; stems - pale green to white rings on peduncle (where stem attaches to the head), crimped, cracked and/or blistered peduncle or blisters or cracks on leaf sheaths surrounding the stem and nodes; flowers - when husk is peeled back, anthers are white or brownish and can be banana shaped; developing grain - white and turning brown, dimpled/crimped, dry and spongy when squeezed; and mature grain - regular creases along the axis, sometimes a blue/grey appearance and usually dented or scalloped out on the dorsal or back...
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