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" Western communicator video: Royce Taylor 28 May 2013 Accurate information provided by Yield Prophet about potential for crops is giving Lake Grace farmer, Royce Taylor, confidence to make his big agronomic decisions and cut fertiliser wastage... Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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Decision tools helping growers test the waters.. APSIM and Yield Prophet integrate a lot of that information and give growers an indication of possible yields, including the impact of applying additional inputs such as nitrogen... Growers inherently understand what sort of a season they're having, but decision support tools such as Yield Prophet allow them to put numbers around it, giving them more confidence in their management decisions...
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Professor Brian Cullis, research leader of biometrics with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), says that improved methods of statistical analysis have given breeders more confidence in their selections and recommendations of breeding lines, as well as increasing grower confidence in adopting new varieties... Professor Cullis says improved methods of combining results from trials across a range of environments (different years and locations) reduces the uncertainty in the prediction of the true genetic value of a variety. ".. He says that if growers are to adopt new varieties with confidence it is important that information be presented in a uniform manner, and the work of the biometricians involved in the National Statistics Program makes sure the presentation of information is uniform across the country...
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