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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Binnu 2.30 t/ha 2.26 t/ha Variety: 45Y82 IT Canola Sown: May 1 Grazed: June 9-22 @ 36 DSE/ha 509 DSE grazing days/ha.. Binnu Variety: Carnamah Wheat Sown: May 17 Grazed: July 5-16 @ 24 DSE/ha 267 DSE grazing days/ha Grazed Yield: 1.60 vs 1.88 t/ha (-15%).. Mingenew 4.51 t/ha 4.50 t/ha Variety: Wyalkatchem Wheat Sown: May 21 Grazed: July 7-20 @ 17 DSE/ha 218 DSE grazing days/ha..
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Fiona Hobley (pictured with a Tiny Tag temperature logger) has tested the effects of different stubble loads on frost damage south of Nyabing, Western Australia... Paul Breust, research and extension coordinator with New South Wales grower organisation FarmLink Research, says there was an interesting development from the 2013 frosts that damaged crops in the Riverina region of southern NSW... Dr Biddulph says 2012 trials near Wickepin and York in WA showed stubble burning reduced the severity and duration of frosts...
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Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
Researcher's Name: Mr Cam Nicholson Organisation: Southern Farming Systems Email: Phone: 03 5258 3860 Fax: 03 5258 3860 Project Code: SFS00028 Contract Start: 1/1/2014 Contract End: 12/31/2017.. While significant work has already been done on this topic, Grain and Graze 3 will focus on getting the most out of stubbles, grazing canola in winter, understanding what environmental conditions post grazing lead to grain yield loss and the impact of grazing on weed densities... Finally Grain and Graze 3 will tackle the complex issue of planning and implementing integrated systems that consider risk between as well as within enterprises on the farm...
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Catalogue: GRDC YouTube channel
" Grain and Graze winning at Wagin 30 October 2014.. A grower group in WA.. Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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