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grain yield response

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Identify where the benefits of fluid fertilisers are likely to be significant, in terms of climate, soil type and cropping system... The conclusion is that while there does not appear to be any yield advantage associated with using Flexi-N through the boom, as opposed to urea topdressed prior to sowing, there does appear to be an advantage when it is banded... The freight was approximately $40/tonne, compared to solid fertiliser delivered bulk, which is approximately $20/tonne...
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There are two series of trials that will be reported in this paper... The 2012-13 trials investigated interactions between N and sulphur at each site only the N responses will be reported ... Across the 3 seasons of trial work only one significant increase in grain yield was recorded in the 2005-07 seasons (Table 3)...
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Critical soil test values for canola grain production in the field (mg/kg for top 10cm of soil) were <60 for Colwell potassium (K), <7 for KCl-40 sulphur (S), and <15 for Colwell phosphorus (P)... The effect of fertiliser K and N on canola grain yields and concentration of oil and protein in grain were measured in 10 field experiments in south-western Australia... The effect of fertiliser P and N on grain yields and concentration of oil and protein in grain of canola were measured in eight field experiments located on soils deficient in P and N. Six amounts of P (0-40kg P/ha) and four amounts of N (0-138kg N/ha) were applied...
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P4/S9 and P2/S4 were the two most profitable sequences and, overall, the 'maximum profit - P4' philosophy had the highest mean gross margin... It is logical that those growers that have chosen to have no livestock will have no interest in trialling grazing crops... Overall, the data has indicated that for the biserrula inoculant all of the carrier's have difficulties in carrying enough live rhizobia numbers to adequately nodulate the legume hosts after 3-4 months of dry, hot soil...
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