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leaf rust control

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Net blotches (Pyrenophora teres f. teres and P.t. f. maculata) remain the major diseases of barley in the northern region... While net form net blotch (P.t. f. teres) can be the more devastating disease, resistance to the disease is present in several of our leading varieties... Seed harvested from crops heavily infected with net form net blotch should not be retained for sowing...
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Mr Poole pointed out that an advantage of foliar fungicides over upfront treatments were that if dry conditions do not favour disease, or Adult Plant Resistance (APR) offers sufficient protection, then foliar fungicides may be unnecessary, resulting in significant cost savings... Upfront treatments are less likely to provide protection for this later developing rust and foliar applications targeted at stripe and leaf rust control at stem elongation (GS32-39) while reducing infection lower down in the canopy still leave the peduncle (upper stem) and head without fungicide protection... GRDC Research Code SFS00015 More information: Nick Poole, [Photo (left) by Emma Leonard: Nick Poole illustrates the area of the plant left unprotected if a fungicide is applied at stem elongation...
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