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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
We have been conducting a series of trials to determine the ability of various pre-emergent herbicides to control brome... Trials have been conducted at various sites in SA and Victoria and on both species of brome... Brome was sprayed at 0 (T-0), 3 (T-3), 5 (T-5), 7 (T-7), 10 (T-10), 12 (T12) and 14 (T-14) days after sowing...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Mallee grower Allen Buckley has lifted the health of soils on his Waikerie, South Australia, farm... Growers: Allen and Jenny Buckley Location: Waikerie, South Australia Area: 5000 hectares Crops: wheat, cover crops Livestock: 1000 Merino ewes, half joined to Merino rams and half to cross-bred rams Soils: predominantly sandy Average annual rainfall: 250 millimetres (160mm growing season).. Allen is also experimenting with cover crops - another unusual sight in the Mallee - after seeing the results of CSIRO and South Australian Research and Development Institute trials on his farm and visiting growers in the US who sow a mixed cover crop rather than a monoculture...
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