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Options include increasing the capacity or number of header(s) we own, bringing in contractors, starting harvest earlier with aeration drying through a large storage complex, and methods to improve harvesting efficiency (chaser and mother bins)... For many the extreme rainfall events over 2010 resulted in income losses similar to the value of a header, suggesting if they purchased a second header then it could have paid for itself in one year... In the base case of a class 8 header the total cost of harvesting is $13.22/tonne (from table 2) plus $3/tonne to increase harvest efficiency by 30% with a chaser bin for a total of $16.22/t...
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Co-authors of a new report from the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (from left) Professor Ross Kingwell, Tamara Stretch and Dr Chris Carter... It is hoped that a study of supply-chain costs will provide the necessary data for industry action on improving trading efficiencies and reducing the impost on growers' incomes... Dr Carter says there are some explainable reasons for the differences: "WA and South Australia have an export focus and this makes it possible to streamline freight, storage and ship loading," he says...
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Risk can be assessed by comparing gross margins calculated with varying values for an input... Contract Work Aerial spraying $14.00 /ha @ Urea spreading $12.00 /ha @ Insurance $8.50 /$1000 @ Other $0.00 /ha $0.00 /ha TOTAL VARIABLE COSTS GROSS MARGIN/hectare Break Even Price (to cover variable costs only) Break Even Yield (to cover variable costs only) Gross Margin based on last 5 year average price $0.00 $0.00 $3.19.. COMMENTS Assumes flock is fully wool shedding and no shearing, crutching or lice control costs are included...
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