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different legume crop

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The research that I will undertake in my PhD program aims to understand how legume break crops can mobilise P for the following wheat crop... We proposed that surplus mobilised P, resulting from the root activity of the companion break crop, would be scavenged and taken up by the inter-mingled wheat roots... The companion plants of chickpea, white lupins and field pea significantly increased P uptake by wheat (Figure 1) when the roots of both the wheat and the pulse were grown together, compared to when the wheat roots grew separated from those of the legume crop...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Mr Espinosa, whose research is part of the GRDC Soil Biology Initiative, says interactions between soil properties, plant biology and microbial activity are all likely to determine the amount of soil phosphorus that is mobilised by legumes... While legumes differ in their ability to mobilise soil phosphorus reserves, legume break crops contribute significantly to increase the phosphorus uptake of following wheat crops... Mr Espinosa says different legume crops have different strategies to mobilise phosphorus from the soil the benefit for the following wheat also varies among legume break crops...
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