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Research scientist Denise Barbulescu checks canola germplasm for fungal growth as part of the GRDC-funded National Brassica Germplasm Improvement Program at Victorian DPI's Grains Innovation Park in Horsham... "Preliminary screening shows the cabbage family might have another two or three breeding lines containing blackleg-resistant genes," she says, adding that further testing will look at the potential for this new genetic material to help ward off blackleg and increase the canola gene pool for plant breeders... Denise is continuing this year to search for stable genes that consistently show high levels of tolerance to pod-shatter in more than 200 crossbred canola lines developed by the University of Western Australia and Nuseed...
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H. marinum is widely referred to as sea barley grass around the world, and H. hystrixis known as Mediterranean barley grass... Conditions that favour germination and establishment The seed of common sowthistle can germinate at temperatures in the range 5 C to 35 C. Germination is ultimately determined by moisture availability, as a moist environment is preferred... There is a high proportion of seedling emergence from shallow seed sources, whereas more deeply buried seeds remain dormant and long-lived with a half life estimated at 10 years...
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