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Catalogue: Grains Notes DEPI VIC
Without appropriate management, diseases can severely impact on the yield and quality of wheat crops in the Wimmera region of Victoria... The Information Note first discusses the integrated management strategies that are required to protect crops from losses due to disease, and then discusses the important diseases of wheat in more detail... For some diseases, a single management strategy is effective, while for others a number of approaches need to be utilised together to ensure effective management...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Sunflower researcher Sue Thompson, from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Queensland (DAFFQ), says that while the exotic fungi that causes the disease ( Diaporthe helianthi ) is not present in Australia, several other damaging endemic species of Diaporthe have been found on infected Australian sunflowers... "Previously it was thought that D. helianthi was the sole species which caused stem canker, but we have now identified four new species - D. gulyae , D. novem , D. kongii and D. kochmanii - as well as six different species on other host plants and weeds," Ms Thompson says... Ms Thompson says the discovery of Diaporthe species on surrounding weeds and stubble is just as significant as discovering the species on the infected sunflowers...
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