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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Profit study highlights power of R&D.. A study into how Western Australian growers managed through the difficult first decade of this century found the most profitable farms were larger, had shifted more into wheat and had made the most use of technology... The research team examined the physical and financial performance of a diverse set of 242 farm businesses over the period 2002-11...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Failure to meet obligations outlined in a grain contract can be costly to a business, so it is important to have systems in place and manage contracts ... The averages should not be seen as reflecting the overall average price achieved for APW by pool operators... The three key considerations when assessing the forecasting accuracy of a given pool operator is the: n difference between the FPR and the average EPR published during the decision period (i.e. how much less/more did growers receive from what they were expecting)...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The change in equity was calculated as the difference between value of net assets in 2002 versus their value in 2011, using constant land values based on the values in the first year, 2002... In order to preserve client confidentiality this socio-managerial data is not available for public release and only some initial aggregated findings are provided... When farms were further categorised on the basis of farm type and performance category we found that all three types of farms contained growing businesses but a higher proportion of crop specialists were growing and a higher proportion of farms in this enterprise category were also less secure...
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