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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Twelve years of monitoring 30 commercial cropping paddocks containing herbicide-resistant annual ryegrass ( Lolium rigidum ) has convinced Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative communications manager Peter Newman that an integrated weed management approach is the only way to get on top of herbicide resistance... "Put simply, growers should use a combination of herbicide and non-herbicide weed control for long-term success," he said... Mr Newman said that when growers focused on holistically managing herbicide-resistant annual ryegrass, they achieved a 98 per cent reduction in ryegrass numbers over 12 years...
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Catalogue: GRDC YouTube channel
The GCTV report presents the latest on superior disease resistance in peanuts, which is being bred in to new lines thanks to the Australian Peanut Genetic Improvement Program, a collaborative effort involving the GRDC, PCA and DAFF Queensland... 83.979: Pat Harden: It used to take up to 15 years to get a peanut 87.29: variety through and into commercial reality... 195.919: Pat Harden: So if you get rain or you get a cyclone come 198.699: down the coast as just happened recently, you have got less issues if you cannot get 204.079: in the field to spray, or if you are a few days late or a week late, then the resistance 207.98: of the variety will help carry it through...
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