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wheat following canola

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Comparing yield performance of different broadleaf crop and pasture options as breaks in an intensive cereal phase is the focus of the crop-sequencing project on upper Eyre Peninsula, South Australia... The trial is part of a GRDC-funded project, Profitable Crop Sequencing in Low-rainfall Areas of South-Eastern Australia, which also includes Mallee Sustainable Farming (see above story), Upper North Farming Systems, BCG and Central West Farming Systems... The trial involved growing cereals and different break options in 2011 and 2012 (options listed in Table 1 ) then on 14 May 2013, wheat was sown across all treatments at 55 kilograms per hectare with 65kg/ha diammonium phosphate (DAP)...
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3. Choose tolerant wheat varieties to maximise yields (go to From our research, the optimal temperature for reproduction of Pratylenchus thornei is 22C; populations increased, although at slower rates, from 17 to 28C... We have also found reduced growth and yield of wheat and chickpea following canola in a low phosphorus soil (7 mg/kg Colwell P) in two separate 2-year winter crop rotation experiments...
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