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canola establishment

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Aim to sow large (>5 g/1000 seeds) canola seed to achieve adequate establishment rates from early sowing... Hybrid vigour (heterosis) has an indirect effect (larger seed size) and a direct effect (enhanced vigour) on canola establishment.. The results reported have greatest relevance for an early planting opportunity and a lesser relevance for canola that is dry sown or planted into moisture in May...
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Trials provide success tips for canola.. For example, where seed was placed 5cm deep, the establishment of ATR-StingrayA was reduced by 45 per cent compared with the 2.5cm sowing depth, but there was no establishment reduction for Pioneer 44Y84 CL ( Figure 1 )... Where seed was placed 7.5cm deep, the establishment of ATR-Stingray was reduced to 12 plants/m (20 per cent) compared with 30 plants/m for Pioneer 44Y84 CL (50 per cent)...
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This project aims to continue to develop Variety Specific Agronomy Packages (VSAP) for wheat, canola and lupins in southern NSW and wheat and chickpeas in northern NSW... The emphasis is on these crops as the development of management packages for barley and other pulses are currently covered under separate GRDC funded projects, DAN00028, Eastern Barley Agronomy and DAN 463, Pulse Agronomy... The focus will be on issues that improve the potential of a variety in a farming system rather than issues that improve farming systems as a whole...
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