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glasshouse trial

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
By screening and field testing the resistance and tolerance of wheat and barley cultivars, relevant information can be supplied to allow growers to incorporate cultivars into rotations that limit the populations of and damage caused by nematodes... Significant yield impacts occurred for wheat varieties assessed in Toodyay 2012 when comparing yield to nematode numbers at anthesis (Table 2)... Coupled with resistance data, these results indicate Emu Rock may be only moderately susceptible but very intolerant to P. teres while the other varieties are intolerant but range in levels of susceptibility to the pest...
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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The objective of the project is to develop a training and research resource in applied entomology that can serve the future needs of the Australian grains industry nation-wide... In Australia, as in other countries, there has been a decline in education and training courses in applied entomology such that the supply of trained researchers and field entomologist world-wide has decreased markedly... Plot and glasshouse trials for spider mites in maize and redlegged earth mites and aphids in canola indicate that insect pests prefer host plants affected by an imbalance of certain nutrients...
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