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adult resistance gene

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Dr Marcroft says the spores that attack crops each year are produced on canola stubble in the previous summer and autumn... "When you sow a canola variety, you will inevitably be selecting for blackleg spores that are able to attack the resistance genes in that variety," Dr Marcroft says... "The project has just started but we have tested the screening method in a shade house in Horsham and it works," Dr Marcroft says...
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Thank you to National Variety Trials (NVT), the NVT trial co-operators and breeding organisations for their cooperation in providing data... There is still some re-focusing required to maximise the opportunities for growers and maximise the opportunities for the trade... Varietal resistance to BYD and CYD does not reduce the need to spray for aphids to prevent yield loss from feeding damage once they reach threshold levels in the crop (50% of tillers with 15 or more aphids)...
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