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" GRDC Crop Updates 25-26 February 2013, Western Region, Perth WA. Peter Newman 20 September 2013 : Peter Newman, Planfarm, talks about Focus paddocks - remaining weeds are hard to control... Growers have eroded their ryegrass seed banks from an average of 183 ryegrass / m2 in 2001 to 7.6 ryegrass /m2 in 2012 which equates to a 96% reduction over twelve years across 31 focus paddocks... The vast majority of growers now comment that they have fewer weeds than ever, but the ones they have left are very difficult and very expensive to control with herbicides...
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Researchers with Western Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (WAHRI) say that the control by some key herbicide groups may be permanently lost, and that evolution of wild radish populations with multiple resistance mechanisms is likely to increase while the emphasis on continuous cropping remains... "Typically the populations have developed resistance to the herbicides that are normally the most effective and the most commonly used to control wild radish... Farmers need to maintain wild radish populations at very low levels using all other feasible control techniques...
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