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Influences on costs and profit Profit is driven by income and costs the impact on income should be considered when changing costs. '.. SAF is totally reliant on all operations to be undertaken by the contractors mutual obligation to each party is very strong - my preferred terminology of a `partnership`... I have always provided a worksheet to staff listing not only the salary, but also the other cash components of the package such as superannuation, housing, power and phones...
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Once we've completed an analysis of your business, our counsellors can help to build cash flows, forecasts and budgets so you can determine what lies ahead and make decisions based on valid information... As price received increases the working capital requirement reduces which indicates less risk associated with the business... The ORM data included 14 Victorian Mallee farms and showed that over the last 10 years their income had increased and costs had doubled while the surplus remained similar...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
An increase in land area can lead to improvements in profit but it requires significant capital investment which can increase risk... The results, shown in Figure 1, demonstrate that for grazing farms there is a trend beyond $4 million dollars in asset value for farm profitability to decline as asset value increases... Consider the same manager with the same business now looks at his existing system and realizes that there are opportunities for improving profitability on the existing area...
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Graeme Burnham, a farmer, educator and researcher of farm occupational health and safety, believes the solution to making farms safer is simple... Farmers have to start thinking and acting like other businesses when it comes to OH&S... A partner in MS&A, previously known as Mike Stephens and Associates, Graeme has overseen the agricultural consultancy firm"s Safer Farming Systems program for more than seven years and in that time has trained hundreds of farmers in OH&S. Graeme also acts as a safety consultant to corporate and family farming companies wanting to put in place systems which make their farms safer...
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Improve labour efficiency to increase farm business profitability The profitability of a farm business can be improved through a focus on labour efficiency... The consultant with Holmes Sackett, Wagga Wagga, NSW, told the audience to focus their attention on labour efficiency, before considering expansion options. ".. Boosting production or improving overhead cost efficiencies such as labour efficiency was the first step in improving profitability by lowering the cost of production, he said...
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