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zinc response

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" Date: 09.02.2011 2010 Nutrition review - Following high yielding crops sparkee1.jpg.. A good program will look to at least maintain fertility and this goes closely with soil physical and biological health... Put tests strips in place, monitor paddock fertility and grain nutrient levels in the short and long term, and keep accurate records of the complete costs of strategies used and the data used to make the 2011 decisions...
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In summary, 20 trials have now recently been undertaken across a number of seasons and locations in NSW. None of them have demonstrated S responses in yield or oil %. This does not exclude deficiency and yield penalties from occurring but does highlight that the frequency and the likelihood is not high... Delaying any action that has the potential to cease grain fill will see more seeds achieve their maximum size and improve yield... In summary there was no 'concerning' level of seed loss observed at any trial or timing, correlating well with the yield data...
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A nutrition specialist is encouraging grain growers considering applying zinc to use a range of tools to ensure crops are likely to respond to the added nutrient... A crop is likely to give a yield response to extra zinc, he explained, where the youngest leaf tissue concentration of zinc in wheat was less than 14mg/kg... His view is that it is more important to apply zinc ahead or onto responsive crops...
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