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small radish

Catalogue: Ground Cover
Western Australian agronomist Grant Thompson has a clear message for southern region grain growers when it comes to wild radish - aim for early control when weeds are small and learn from the mistakes made interstate... WA growers are battling radish that is becoming resistant to multiple herbicide groups... Some radish plants can shield others from contact with spray so a high water rate is required for best plant coverage...
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A double knock spray strategy used on Wild Radish when its young is proving to be a good control method for one of the nation's worse broad acre weeds... See also GRDC Fact Sheets 1.54: GCTV14: Early Control of Wild Radish 7.43: Narrator: Debra Bishop Wild radish has become a big problem around 9.04: Australia... 78.54: Peter Newman: Our messages these days is to get people to 81.86: bring the spray window forward for wild radish, spray a first spray when the crop is perhaps 85.93: a two leaf, then come back three to four weeks later with a crop more at this stage where 90.46: we have got early tillering crop but we can still get good herbicide application onto 94.89: the weeds at ground level...
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