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extra grazing day

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Background Since the development of long-season and winter wheats for Australia, well-managed dual-purpose cereal crops have provided opportunities to increase the profitability and flexibility on mixed farms, by increasing winter stocking rates and providing income from forage and grain... Recently we have focussed on investigating and quantifying the benefits of integrating these at the whole-farm scale, including productivity of crop and pasture phases, profitability, managerial flexibility and risk management... We recorded the extra grazing days obtained from crop grazing (compared with continuously grazed pasture) and then the extra pasture production was evaluated for each of the crop-grazing treatments in terms of extra grazing days achieved compared with a continuously grazed pasture (Table 1)...
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Dual-purpose crops delivering better pastures can-wheat plot graze.. The successful implementation of dual-purpose cereals into mixed farming operations is delivering benefits to agribusinesses beyond just the bottom line... Researchers are now quantifying the indirect benefits delivered to pastures of shifting stock onto early-season canola or wheat crops, as well as the implications for weed and disease controls, management flexibility and business risk minimisation...
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