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cereal production system

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Dual-purpose crops delivering better pastures can-wheat plot graze.. The successful implementation of dual-purpose cereals into mixed farming operations is delivering benefits to agribusinesses beyond just the bottom line... Researchers are now quantifying the indirect benefits delivered to pastures of shifting stock onto early-season canola or wheat crops, as well as the implications for weed and disease controls, management flexibility and business risk minimisation...
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Nitrogen fixation activity of legumes is strongly linked to productivity and suppressed by soil nitrate... Data from the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) long-term rotation experiments in northern NSW showed a positive effect of no-tillage on productivity and N2 fixation of both chickpea and fababean (Felton et al. 1998; Marcellos et al. 1998; Herridge et al. 1998)... Nitrate levels for Year 2 are after a 6-month summer fallow and for Year 3 are after an 18-month summer-winter-summer fallow (source: unpublished data of W. Felton, H. Marcellos, D. Herridge, G. Schwenke and M. Peoples)..
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