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NVT adopts grower approach to disease management.. Mr Bedggood says if the NVT are not treated for disease it misrepresents the potential of some varieties, especially if a commercial variety has become susceptible since its release and is currently widely grown... "To ensure uniformity of treatments, the NVT program likes to sow all seed bare [untreated], as supplied by the plant breeder, so we use a fertiliser at sowing which has been amended with fungicide," Mr Bedggood says...
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Benchmark: Information type used when implementing precision agriculture (base: using PA) 54% use maps, images or data relating to yield 47% use information about soil type 32% use information about soil or crop nutrient status.. The proportion of respondents from base: those using pa (n = 76) the northern region implementing precision agriculture and using matched wheel tracks or.. We ask you to take a few minutes to complete this short survey, tear off the page, and return it in the reply paid envelope that came with this Groundcover...
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Time and execute your fungicide sprays right and you'll get maximum impact from each treatment, according to spray application experts Bill Gordon and Dr Rohan Rainbow... Have an understanding of how the fungicide you're going to apply works on the plant - most fungicides have limited translocation potential or move upwards and outwards only, meaning sprayers need to target the spray to hit the plant exactly where it's needed... Run the controller with total flow (litres per minute for the whole boom) on the display when spraying and know what the pressure and flow rate should be when delivering the correct number of litres per hectare so that checks can be made as you go, e.g. if pressure increases and flow remains the same, check for blockages...
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